We mostly have private tours and so, we give our guests have the opportunity to choose the time they want to start their tours.  We normally start the tours once guests have ample time to rest.  However, if one wishes to start right away upon arrival, we can certainly do that as well.  Just let us know in advance so we can accommodate.

Our tours include the following, Three Day Tour, Two Day Compressed Tour and Two Day Tour.  Three day and compressed tours will visit North & South Batan plus Sabtang Island.  On the other hand, two day tour will visit North & South Batan.

North Batan

  • Mt. Carmel Chapel 

  • Northern PAG-ASA Station in the Philippines

  • Basco Idiang (Fortress) 

  • Japanese Tunnel 

  • Valugan Boulder Beach 

  • Sto. Domingo Church 

  • Vayang Rolling Hills (The northern tip of Batan Island)

  • Basco Light house / Naidi Hills

South Batan

  • Chawa View Deck 

  • Mahatao  Boat Shelter Port 

  • San Carlos Borromeo Church 

  • Homoron (Blue Lagoon)

  • Maydangeb Beach or commonly known as white beach in Batan Island 

  • Old Spanish Bridge 

  • House of Dakay 

  • San Jose Church

  • Honesty Store 

  • Muchong Viewing point

  • Song Song Ruins

  • Barangay Itbud 

  • Alapad Rock Formation (Shooting site of Hihintayin Kita sa Langit) 

  • Long range Aide to Navigation of the Americans (LORAN)

  • San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel

  • Rakuh A Payaman or commonly known as Marlboro Country

  • Tayid Lighthouse

Sabtang Island

  • Barangay Savidug (Stone houses )

  • Lime Kiln 

  • Savidug Idiang (Fortress) 

  • Chamantad Tinyan View point 

  • Chavayan Village 

  • Morong Beach

  • Ahaw (Natural rock Formation)

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